Please email an outline of what you would like to achieve and I will provide you with some suggestions for research.

I provide a free consultation, so at no cost to you I would also be happy to review your information and advise you of what I believe is achievable.

Peter Hughes


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Free Consultation - At no cost to you we will review your information and advise you of what we believe is achievable.

Research Time - An initial round of just 3 hours of research will provide a good start to your project.

Please email for a budget estimate of your requirements.

Certificates and Copies of Documents - Copies of Birth, Marriage and Death certificates and other documents obtained from the registrar’s office or local archive are charged at cost when part of a round of research.

Payment Options - Payment can be made by Direct Deposit, Cheque, Money Order or via PayPal using secure credit card facilities. For international payments PayPal is preferred.