Please email an outline of what you would like to achieve and I will provide you with some suggestions for research.

I provide a free consultation, so at no cost to you I would also be happy to review your information and advise you of what I believe is achievable.

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What We Do


The Research Process

Establish Goals – What You Wish to Achieve:

  • How far back you wish to trace your ancestors and their families - 1800s, 1700s or possibly earlier.
  • Find vital records - Births, Marriages and Deaths – for the direct ancestral lines to prove family connections.
  • Create Your Family Tree.
  • Go further, look broadly at life events, to discover more about each individual, their experiences and achievements, their movements, travel or emigration, their occupations, homes and life style. This forms the substance of Your Family Story.
  • Include references to historical events that shaped their lives - wars, natural disasters, economic and social changes.
  • Locate historical maps to show where your ancestors lived and where events took place.

Gather Existing Information:

  • Request information from your family and relations.

 Review Your Information:

  • Free consultation - At no cost to you we review your information and advise you of what is achievable.

Research Church and Government Records:

  • Births, Marriages and Deaths Registers.
  • Census Returns and Electoral Rolls.
  • Emigration Records.
  • Naturalisation Records,
  • Wills and Probate.
  • Military Service Files.
  • Government Gazettes, reports and papers.

 Report on Search Results:

  • Regular progress reports on findings.
  • Supply copies of documents located - certificates, census returns and relevant historic material.
  • Suggestions for Further Research.