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Swedish Research


Swedish records are generally difficult to read. They tend to use lots of abbreviated words and acronyms, involve hard to read handwriting and use Old Swedish language.

The types of records available to researchers are basically the same as in the USA, Canada, Britain and Australia; however the Lutheran Church had greater control in Sweden.

A good example of this was the issue of Travel Certificates to people whenever they left their home parish and when they arrived at their destination parish. People’s movements were recorded by the church and included travel details and often personal details such as date and place of birth and marital status.

The Travel Certificate church records provide a unique opportunity to researchers as they allow us to follow ancestors as they moved around Sweden.

There was possibly greater scrutiny of couples by the church prior to marriage - miscellaneous church records often show letters confirming eligibility according to church and civil laws.

In addition to our usual range of research services you receive the added bonus of transcription and translation of key Swedish text to give you a greater understanding of the record. There is no additional charge for this other than for the time taken.

I can also provide reference details to online maps showing locations of places and provide historical context where available.

Swedes and Norwegians not only lived as neighbours, they freely moved across their borders to visit, to settle and to be married.

Norway was also used as a gateway for Swedish and Norwegian emigration.

For these reasons I also provide research in Norway.