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Why Family History Matters


Capture Family Memories - Notions of people, places and events pervade our thoughts, a legacy of our parents’ and grandparents’ memories, stories recounted and folklore passed down through generations.

Discover Lost History - A wealth of family history may be scattered in pieces amongst relations, no one knowing the complete story:

  • Old letters, photos, newspaper clippings and personal documents lying forgotten in a corner.
  • An old timepiece, a medal or jewellery on display. Silent reminders of past lives.

Find Answers - Questions often arise during family gatherings with differing recollections about your ancestors, who they were, where they lived, their lives and aspirations and whether they emigrated to a new land - requiring research of archive sources.

Discover Previously Unknown Ancestors -Requiring research of archive sources.

Create a Family Tree - Based on proven vital records.

Write a Family History - Based on the above findings - Your Story!

Visit Ancestral Lands - Plan a trip during your holidays and experience firsthand your ancestor’s home land.