Please email an outline of what you would like to achieve and I will provide you with some suggestions for research.

I provide a free consultation, so at no cost to you I would also be happy to review your information and advise you of what I believe is achievable.

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Research Services


At Web Trace we help you discover Your Family History. We aim to provide timely and cost effective research using online resources. We can research your family surname back to the early 1800s and often further. Earlier records often through traditional archive holdings.

We access National Archive records through the major online data bases and have instant access to Birth, Marriage and Death and Census information. We find your ancestors’ addresses, occupations and places of birth and also identify other family members living together for each census period. We maintain paid subscriptions to access these archive services.

To provide a good starting point, gather as much information as possible from your family and relations. For each ancestor provide, where known, date of birth, marriage and death and also include places and occupations. Indicate approximate years where dates are unconfirmed.

We keep you informed of progress via email reports, including copies of documents located along with suggestions for further research.

Purchase of certificates is usually necessary in order to discover unknown ancestors and to provide proof of family connection.

Please be aware that family history research is reliant on available records.


Research Examples

  • Special Projects – Search for that elusive ancestor, work around that brick wall, locate vital records, passenger lists and addresses.
  • Single Surname research back to the early 1800s.
  • Complete Family research based on 4 grandparents’ surnames including family tree charts to your requirements.
  • Simply tell us what you would like to achieve.